Attachments, cab antenna kits
Antenna mounted to 5025 Series Cab Tractor

Antenna mounted to 5025 Series Cab Tractor

An antenna kit is required when field-installing a radio in a cab tractor. The antenna kit includes a template and assembly instructions. Most cabs are radio-ready, including the radio wiring harness and speakers as base equipment. 
Check the tractor operator manual or sales manual to determine if the cab is ready or if additional parts will be needed to install the radio.

Cab antenna kit (parts)

NOTE:  Compatible with 6D Series Tractors with cab.

Radio ordered separately.


Antenna kit, hidden

NOTE:  Compatible with 6030 and 7030 Series with cab, 6030 Premium Series, and 7030 Premium Series Tractors.


Also compatible with 6015, 6020, 7220-7520 Tractors.

Radio ordered separately. 

Last Updated : 04-May-2018