Attachments, seat, leather trim with heated seat
Leather trim package - heated leather seat

Leather trim package - heated leather seat

The leather trim package will include a leather heated seat (shown left), a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a 4.5-in. semi-transparent John Deere rear window decal. The leather seat covering will provide all the benefits of the current ComfortCommand™ seat. The heater element provides three levels of heat intensity for increased comfort during long, cold days.
The leather-wrapped steering wheel provides an element of detail and a larger grip for those who enjoy the look and feel of leather on their steering wheel. Last, the rear window decal will be located at the top of the rear cab window and will provide some dispersion of light into the cab on extremely sunny days.
Ordering code details for the leather trim option are as follows.

Leather trim (see Parts for bundle)

Last Updated : 25-Sep-2018