Wide drive wheel for 635-mm (25-in.) tracks
8345RT with narrow drive wheel

8345RT with narrow drive wheel

Available on all 8RT Series Tractors is option code 8680, a factory-installed-only 609-mm wide (24-in. wide) drive wheel for operators using 635-mm (25-in.) and wider belt widths (strongly recommended for maximum performance and track belt life).

This option replaces the standard 381-mm wide (15-in. wide) drive wheel with the wide-width 609-mm (24-in.) drive wheel. The wide-width drive wheel virtually supports the full edge-to-edge width of the 635-mm (25-in.) width track.

On the 762-mm (30-in.) width track, the wide drive wheel option provides support to approximately 75 percent of the total belt width. The increased support across a wider section width of the belt provides the following:
  • Reduced track stress through reduced bending, flexing, and point loads
  • Reduced track lug wear on hard surfaces due to larger load area
  • Increased traction in firmer soils by distributing loads across the full width of the track

Wide drive wheel, 609 mm (24 in.)

NOTE:  For use with 635-mm (25-in.) and wider tracks.
Last Updated : 11-Sep-2017