Mid-range light kit
Installed mid-range light

Installed mid-range light

Increase the capability of your Gator™ Utility Vehicle by adding mid-range lights. Lights mount to the front or rear of the poly roof or directly to the operator protection system (OPS). It can be mounted to the front or rear of the vehicle on two-passenger models only, cannot be mounted on the rear of S4 models, there is a separate light kit for rear mount on S4 models.

Kit includes the pair of mid range lights, wire harness with switch, and all mounting hardware.
Product attributes:
  • This flood light kit provides a wide range of light, making it ideal for tasks at night
  • Especially useful for working around properties and job sites
  • Requires OPS switch bank; switch bank can accommodate up to three sets of lights
Compatible with:
  • XUV 550 and XUV 550 S4 (front mount only)
  • HPX
  • XUV 625i, XUV 825i, XUV 825i S4 (front mount only), XUV 855D, and XUV 855D S4 (front mount only)
  • RSX Utility Vehicles

Mid-range light kit

Last Updated : 15-Aug-2017