Offers basic data management capabilities
APEX™ software

APEX™ software

APEX Farm Management software is a basic data management solution that plays a significant role both before a producer goes to the field and after each operation is complete. Like the producers who put money into their operation to get money out, data has to be put into the GreenStar™ system to get data out.
Before going to the field, producers can set up operational information in APEX and save the setup data to their USB drive.
Once the USB drive is inserted into the GreenStar display, all associated menus are pre-populated. This saves any downtime that would have been spent manually entering farm and field names while sitting in the field.
Additionally, setting up data in APEX ensures the consistency of such names when managing multiple operators or systems throughout the growing season.
After each operation is complete, the operator can unload the field data into APEX. After the data is unloaded, maps and reports can be generated so the producer can easily visualize how previous management decisions impacted production and what improvements can still be made.
APEX offers producers the basics — the ability to organize and analyze both historical and current field data.
APEX software is an orderable attachment.
Last Updated : 20-Feb-2019