High crop quality
Completing a field pass with Active Implement Guidance (AIG)

Completing a field pass with Active Implement Guidance (AIG)

Maintaining the best crop quality is important in all farming operations, and is made especially difficult in cropping practices that require multiple passes through the field. Each pass during the production cycle puts the crop at risk. With AIG, producers no longer have to worry about the emerged crop, as both the tractor and implement are operating on the A-B line.
A risk is also minimized when seed is planted with AIG. The improved precision of seed placement provides a straighter path for subsequent passes throughout the season. Compaction and crop disturbance are also reduced as AIG achieves its precision by keeping the implement and tractor on the same guidance path.
At the end of the season, the results are better crop quality and improved yield, a value all producers can appreciate.
Last Updated : 29-Sep-2021