Industry-exclusive fingertip controls
Manual implement control from the selective control valve (SCV)

Manual implement control from the selective control valve (SCV)

Active Implement Guidance (AIG) requires an implement steering mechanism. This is common with any active implement supplier on the market. The method of controlling the mechanism can only be found from John Deere.

John Deere controls the implement steering device through the tractor's SCV. This industry-exclusive technology allows operators to engage and disengage AIG quickly and easily.

Operators appreciate this when turning in fields with limited headland space. Simply disengage AIG and manually straighten out the implement after a turn by feathering the SCV lever.

Many minutes are saved, even with the most experienced operators, by eliminating the process of backing up after turns to align implements. The time an operator spent getting frustrated turning large implements can now be spent enjoying planting.

The fingertip controls also provide ease when parking implements in tight places or pulling through narrow spaces.
Fingertip control is available for
  • John Deere
    • Large-Frame 7X30 and 7R Series Tractors
    • 8XXX  and 8R Series Tractors
    • 9XXX and 9R Series Tractors
Other tractors are compatible with John Deere AIG with the use of an external SCV.
External valve

External valve

AIG is available for all other John Deere and non-John Deere tractors with the addition of an external SCV valve and SCV switch. Both can be ordered from a John Deere dealer. The tractor can have an open or a closed-center hydraulic system.
Last Updated : 29-Sep-2021