Reduced operator fatigue
Reduces operator fatigue

Reduces operator fatigue

AutoTrac™ assisted steering system paired with Active Implement Guidance (AIG) allows operators to be more productive as they focus on tasks other than steering while traveling down the field.
When operators have to spend their entire workday manually steering a machine while watching for obstacles and checking to make sure the implement is operating as expected, they tend to get worn out.
Using AutoTrac and AIG together greatly reduces the strain on the operator because the system accurately guides the implement down the most optimum pass, accurately placing inputs, such as seed or fertilizer, in the field.
Other benefits to the operator:
  • The implement can be monitored more closely to see if parts are wearing out or failing, allowing the operator to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • A watchful eye can look for damaging obstacles in the field such as rocks, washouts, or holes caused by broken tile lines.
  • An industry exclusive to John Deere, fingertip controls allow operators to turn the implement steering mechanism manually in tight spaces.
All of these benefits result in more uptime for the equipment and an operator who is more alert throughout the day, a benefit everyone can appreciate.
Last Updated : 29-Sep-2021