Easily perform land-leveling activities
Not only does iGrade™ leveling system allow producers to automate the scraper blade, it also provides a plane control application. Plane control can create level or single-slope land designs. Plane control allows producers basic functionality with two primary inputs: slope and direction.
Slope designs may be generated one of two ways:
  1. Manually enter slope percentage and direction, if recommended or already known.
  2. Perform a simple land survey with iGrade that provides a recommended slope and direction.
Plane control may be used with up to two scrapers in applications such as:
  • Slope generation for flood irrigation
  • Slope generation for drainage
  • Slope generation for cattle feedlot waste management
Plane control is a basic water management application because it does not include on-screen cut/fills sheets. It is recommended that the land be professionally surveyed prior to leveling or generating a slope.
Last Updated : 29-Sep-2021