JDLink™ telematics and Service ADVISOR™ diagnostics system increase productivity


The JDLink system allows operators to maximize the performance capabilities of their equipment investment. Optimization occurs by continuously collecting and transmitting machine data for machine management purposes via cellular technology. In collecting operational information, the system can enable remote diagnostics of equipment, track machines working on multiple farms, and summarize machine utilization data. For further information on the JDLink system and what is required for a fully-functional JDLink system, please refer to the AMS website.
JDLink Connect provides the following information for the CP690 Cotton Picker and the CS690 Cotton Stripper.
  • Mapped location with breadcrumb location history
  • Alerts with diagnostic trouble codes
  • Engine hours
  • Custom maintenance plans and alerts
  • Geofencing and curfew setup
  • Custom alerts
  • Fuel information
    • Average fuel rate
    • Period fuel consumed
    • Fuel tank level
  • Machine settings
    • Header heights
    • Spindle water pressure
    • Header control response
    • Header speed (CS690 only)
    • Cleaner speed (CS690 only)
  • Temperature
    • Average coolant temperature
    • Maximum transmission oil temperature
    • Maximum hydraulic oil temperature
    • Average transmission oil temperature
    • Maximum coolant temperature
    • Average hydraulic oil temperature
  • Machine totals
    • Total engine hours
    • Total fan hours
  • AutoTrac™ assisted steering utilization
  • Period engine hours
  • Average system voltage
  • Machine utilization pie chart
    • Idle
    • Service general
    • Service wrap
    • Service lube
    • Harvest
    • Forming
    • Wrapping
    • Ejecting
    • Transport
  • Machine utilization by machine state (idle, working, transport)
    • Machine utilization
    • Fuel consumed
    • Average engine speed
    • Average engine load factor
    • Average fuel rate
    • Average ground speed
  • Detailed machine utilization by machine state (idle, service general, service wrap, service lube, harvest, forming, wrapping, ejecting, transport)
    • Average ground speed
    • Fuel consumed
    • Average engine speed
    • Average engine load
    • Detailed machine utilization (in hours)
    • Average fuel rate
The data collected by JDLink is communicated to a central John Deere server and made available to registered users via a password- secured JDLink website or through email, fax, or short message service (SMS) messaging.
Machine owners can then access valuable equipment information quickly and efficiently to optimize machine operations.
Field kits are available to enhance functionality of current cotton machines in the market place. The JDLink field-installed kit gives growers the ability to gather important vehicle related information from previous 7760 Cotton Pickers. With this field-installed option, growers can choose between JDLink Select and JDLink Ultimate functionality, depending on their particular needs.

JDLink embedded vehicle-specific kit for 7760s

Attachment number

Vehicle model

Model year compatibility



2008 and newer

NOTE: Attachments are offered through AMS and may require a high-performance antenna. 

  • JDLink is not available in all geographic regions.
Remote Display Access (RDA)
The ability to remotely view the machine’s settings, performance, yield, acres, and other information is invaluable when managing or supervising an operation. This helps the operator’s equipment to run productively and enables the producer or dealer to provide remote support to improve the quality and efficiency of work while saving time and money.

View the GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) 2630 directly, and transfer the CommandCenter™ touchscreen display to the GS3 2630 for viewing

The CommandCenter display screen has the ability to be transferred to display on the GS3 2630 for remote viewing. To view the CommandCenter screen remotely, the user simply selects the command from the CommandCenter display to transfer this screen to the GS3 2630. View exactly what the operator sees on their GS3 2630 display and CommandCenter from almost any internet-connected device.

RDA enables quick communication around settings or messages on the displays. This allows improved communication between the equipment operator in the field and an offsite farm manager or dealer to help with machine settings, quick remote training, support, or any other needs that may arise in the field.

RDA provides the following benefits to the users:
  • Remotely help or train operators with machine settings and precision farming applications to improve productivity and quality of work done
  • Increase productivity with quicker problem resolution
  • Improve remote support from John Deere dealers and support personnel to assist operators with machine set up and settings to ensure peak productivity
Cost of operation
  • Reduced labor and travel costs with improved remote support for quicker and accurate problem resolution
  • Increased profitability with ensuring optimized machine settings for maximum efficiency
Wireless Data Transfer (WDT)
John Deere WDT helps save time, money, and increases productivity by enabling the cellular transmission of setup, prescription, and documentation data files between the office and the GS3 2630 Display in the machine. WDT can be initiated from John Deere Operations Center on a desktop or mobile device, and from farm management information software like APEX™ software. Being able to plan, document, and analyze information from anywhere gives flexibility and access to tools needed to make better decisions.
By utilizing the current JDLink communications system and RDA infrastructure, such as Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG), Ethernet cable, and GS3 2630, additional value is realized from the hardware investment. Eliminating time spent managing USB sticks translates into more efficient and easier-to-use data management practices. Data transferred via WDT can easily be shared within the Operations Center to help producers interact with advisers that help manage data.
Service ADVISOR™ diagnostics system
Service ADVISOR laptop

Service ADVISOR laptop

Service ADVISOR diagnostics greatly assist in reducing service costs and downtime. It allows the John Deere service technician to readily extract vital information about machine malfunctions through the Service ADVISOR data port. Diagnostic codes and controller area network (CAN) bus statistics stored by the machine and visible in the CommandCenter are used by service technicians to isolate, identify, and resolve problems.

Diagnostics and CAN bus statistics are not normally used by the operator. Access and use of trouble codes should only be done by a qualified, factory-trained John Deere service technician.
Service ADVISOR Remote
Service ADVISOR Remote takes the machine connectivity of JDLink and takes it one step further. Field service calls can be reduced and uptime maximized when machines are remotely diagnosed. For example, diagnostic trouble codes can be viewed and reset, software updates can be uploaded, and detailed machine readings can be taken.
Last Updated : 26-Sep-2018