Smoother ride and better control with the IntelliAxle™
The IntelliAxle brings several key advancements to the 400 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers.
The industry-exclusive rear-wheel steer assist system provides added control to the windrowers, enabling higher cutting and transport speeds.
The IntelliAxle also has independent rear suspension, which smoothes out the roughest field and road conditions, decreasing operator fatigue during long days in the field.
Independent rear suspension
Independent rear suspension with steer assist

Independent rear suspension with steer assist

The independent rear suspension contributes to a better quality of ride and less fatigue for the operator. The torsion axle design absorbs the shock experienced in rough terrains, allowing faster cutting speeds.
See rear suspension in action. Click to play video
Large drive tires also help to absorb the shock when operating in rough field conditions as well as when transporting on the road at higher speeds. 
Rear-wheel steer assist
The rear-wheel steer assist system allows easier, more positive handling in the field as well as on the road during transport.
In-field working speeds up to 16 mph and road speeds up to 21 mph are achieved with the help of this improved axle design. 
Smooth, fluent steering helps the operator to maintain complete control of the windrower during sharp turns and aggressive field conditions.

The steer assist system provides three modes of steering aid:
  1. Inactive
    • At speeds less than 4 mph, the steer assist system is not active. Steering is completely controlled by the front drive wheels.
  2. Soft
    • From 4 mph to 8 mph, the steer assist is in a soft mode. The system begins to contribute to steering the machine by hydraulically assisting the turning of the rear caster wheels. This occurrs when an orifice in the hydraulic distribution block closes, allowing the partial flow of oil to the rear-wheel steer assist cylinders.  In this mode, the rear-wheel steer assist system is only partially engaged.
  3. Sensitive
    • At speeds greater than 8 mph, the system is fully engaged in sensitive mode. A second orifice closes in the hydraulic distribution block, increasing pressure in the rear-wheel assist hydraulic system. This calculates out to increased responsiveness of the rear-wheel steer assist cylinders. The rear-wheel steer assist system is fully active in this mode and provides the most stability for controlling the windrower at higher speeds
Faster field and transport speeds
Field and transport speeds are achieved with the increased controllability and stability provided by the rear-wheel steer assist system and independent rear-wheel suspension:
  • Field range of 0 mph to 16 mph
  • Transport range of 0 mph to 21 mph
Last Updated : 27-Sep-2018