View key harvesting data on the go with Harvest Monitor™
Harvest Monitor utilizes the GreenStar™ (GS) display

Harvest Monitor utilizes the GreenStar™ (GS) display

Custom operators and owner-operators alike will appreciate the benefits the Harvest Monitor system offers. 
Harvest Monitor uses the GS display, which allows the operator to view a wide variety of information:
  • Productivity in acres per hour
  • Throughput in tons per hour
  • Total area harvested
  • Total crop mass harvested
  • Yield
  • Dry matter and other ingredients
The Harvest Monitor system calculates tonnage harvested through the use of a mass-flow sensor that measures the amount of material passing through the feedrolls.
Dry matter information from the HarvestLab™ sensor is then used to determine the actual tonnage of material processed by the self-propelled forage harvester (SPFH), in both actual tonnage and dry-matter tonnage. Field tests have shown this system to be extremely accurate.
Last Updated : 26-Sep-2018