Efficient, powerful, and reliable HarvestMotion Plus concept
A state-of-the-art engine with ideal performance characteristics and low specific fuel consumption perfectly aligns and synchronizes with a superior crop flow. This is the John Deere HarvestMotion Plus concept. The “Plus” stands for unique torque rise and more power at low engine rpm – an experience of pure performance and efficiency without any compromise. Additionally, there is no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) required.
The HarvestMotion Plus advantage:
  • 13 percent less fluid consumption (diesel plus DEF)
  • 48 kW (64.4 hp) of extra power at low engine rpm to easily digest peak loads
  • Simple is strong – reliable harvest capacity
John Deere 9000 Series with JD18X engine

John Deere 9000 Series with JD18X engine

Leading efficiency
With a maximum engine speed of 1800 rpm, the engine is always operated in its sweet spot. Lower rpm means lower specific fuel consumption. Less fuel consumption means less costs and, in the end, more money in your pocket. HarvestMotion enables up to 13 percent less total fluid consumption, which equals up to $125 per day of grass harvest and $141 per day of corn harvest.*
*NOTE: Based in internal benchmark data from 2020: JD18X engine with HarvestMotion Plus versus replaced model with 4 percent less diesel, no DEF (AdBlue®), and 10 hours of chopping per day.
Powerful heartbeat
Less engine rpm, more power, and a unique torque rise – this is what HarvestMotion Plus delivers. The JD18X engine has been tailored to the needs of an agricultural harvesting machine. Operators will feel its strength, and owners will profit off its harvesting capacity. The 18L (1098-cu in.) John Deere engine in the 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester (SPFH) with the HarvestMotion Plus concept is a winning combination.
  • The 9500 SPFH delivers 23 percent more throughput than the previous 9600 SPFH with a 13.5L (824-cu in.) engine.
  • Get the same high productivity level on the 9500 and 9600 SPFH as the Liebherr® V12 provides on the other 9000 Series models (throughput/installed engine power).
Reliability through simplicity
Reliable power delivered by modern robust engine technology ensures harvesting capacity. The JD18X engine delivers exceptional performance without needing a complex aftertreatment system. This means unique simplicity in this power class.
AdBlue is a trademark of VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. Liebherr is a trademark of Liebherr-International AG.
Last Updated : 18-Jul-2021