Full-featured engine is more reliable and lasts longer
Z525E with 54-in. (137-cm) Mower Deck shown

Z525E with 54-in. (137-cm) Mower Deck shown

The Z375R and the Z525E have a full-featured engine with extended life series (ELS) features that is engineered to deliver world-class endurance and power. A step above the competition, it is designed to be more dependable and longer lasting, saving time and money over the long run.
22-hp (16.4-kW) engine (left rear view shown)

22-hp (16.4-kW) engine (left rear view shown)

22-hp (16.4-kW) engine (right rear view shown)

22-hp (16.4-kW) engine (right rear view shown)

Built to exceed demanding needs by incorporating premium features and innovative designs:
  • Overhead valve (OHV) design for cooler operation and longer valve life
  • Contains an advanced debris management system that directs cooling air through the rotating screen to the air cleaner compartment, where large debris is pre-filtered through ejector slots
    • Keeps unfiltered air out of the engine through a large, dual-sealed, premium oval-shaped cartridge-style filter
    • Ensures maximum protection for extended engine life with the premium air cleaner, a pleated paper filter with a foam precleaner
    • Captures fine particles for maximum protection and extended maintenance
  • Provides maximum protection with full-pressure lubrication system
    • Pumps oil by a mechanical gerotor-style pump to all critical engine components
    • Enhances the system through a premium automotive-style spin-on oil filter, which removes over 95 percent of oil contaminates
  • A premium bearing package for improved durability; includes a super-finished crank pin bearing with a 50 percent smoother surface to increase load capacity by 35 percent
    • Uses a premium DU Teflon®-coated bearing
    • Helps resist wear and increases durability through self-lubricating bronze bearing
  • Wear-resistant chrome-plated valve stems for long-life valves
    • 44 percent smoother for longer life
  • Cast-iron cylinder sleeve for extended life
  • Dependable float-feed type carburetor with integral fuel pump
  • High-capacity fuel filter for dependable operation
  • 30 micron filter with 55 percent more filter area than standard filters
  • Maintenance-free electronic ignition for quick, dependable starts
    • Platinum spark plugs for extended life
Teflon is a trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
Base Equipment On : Z375R, Z525E
Last Updated : 26-Sep-2018