114-mm (4.5-in.) spacing with S-tine standards
S-tine standard

S-tine standard

Available on select field cultivator configurations, S-tines produce a vibration action for thorough soil and chemical mixing. S-tines enable producers the opportunity to configure their implement to perform best in their unique soils, cropping system, and residue conditions.
Seedbed preparation
With 610 mm (24 in.) of underframe clearance, S-tines provide excellent residue flow on 114-mm (4.5-in.) spacing. The 13-mm x 44-mm (0.5-in. x 1.75-in.) cross-section ensures a consistent sweep depth in firmer soils, level seedbeds in all secondary conditions, thorough incorporation of chemicals, and durability for long life.
Spacing options
114-mm (4.5-in.) S-tine spacing is an option on the 2230LL and 2230FH. Additional options for implement customization include:
NOTE: 114-mm (4.5-in.) spacing may not be exact on all areas of the field cultivator. 152-mm (6-in.) spacing will provide the most even coverage for the 2230 Field Cultivators.
Last Updated : 22-Sep-2021