229-mm (9-in.) spacing option available
Shanks spaced 229 mm (9 in.) apart

Shanks spaced 229 mm (9 in.) apart

For producers looking to flow higher levels of residue, a 229-mm (9-in.) spacing option is available on the 2230 Field Cultivators.
Seedbed preparation
Even at high speeds and in tough field conditions, the TruPosition™ C-shanks with 91 kg (200 lb) of trip force help minimize side-to-side movement and provide the operator better control of the soil profile for improved leveling capabilities.

These shanks provide a full tillage cut across the entire width of the implement. The shanks stay firmly planted in tough soils without quickly relieving. As a result, the soil is mixed completely and streaks are minimized. This helps producers maximize their productivity and create flat seedbeds for smooth planter operation and consistent seed depth.
Spacing options
229-mm (9-in.) shank spacing is an option on the 2230LL and 2230FH. Additional options for implement customization include:
NOTE: 229-mm (9-in.) spacing may not be exact on all areas of the field cultivator. 152-mm (6-in.) spacing will provide the most even coverage for the 2230 Field Cultivators.
Last Updated : 22-Sep-2021