High-productivity sweeps
High-productivity bolt-on sweep

High-productivity bolt-on sweep

The high-productivity sweep from John Deere was developed to meet current tillage practices and compete in the high-productivity, high-working-speed market. Thanks to its low-profile, curved-wing shape, the high-productivity sweep:
  • Performs best at a speed of 11 to 16 km/h (7 to 10 mph)
  • Easily moves through tougher and higher volume residue
  • Retains its shape and width during its wear life
  • Wear life is longer than Tru-Width™ sweeps and equal or better than competitors
  • Excellent weed control performance
The high-productivity sweeps for the John Deere 2230 Field Cultivators come in 178-mm, 229-mm, and 254-mm (7-in, 9-in, and 10-in.) widths, both in the bolt-on and the Perma-Loc™ system version. These sweeps fit all 47-degree standards with 44-mm (1.75-in.) hole spacing and 11-mm (0.44-in.) bolt size that currently take Tru-Width sweeps, both John Deere and other makes.

The high-productivity sweep also exerts less draft than Tru-Width and major competitors, reducing engine horsepower requirements and diesel consumption.

178-mm (7-in.) high-productivity bolt-on sweep and hardware


229-mm (9-in.) high-productivity bolt-on sweep and hardware


254-mm (10-in.) high-productivity bolt-on sweep and hardware

Last Updated : 22-Sep-2021