Perma-Loc™ sweeps
Perma-Loc sweep

Perma-Loc sweep

Perma-Loc utilizes a self-tightening ratcheting system for easy installation. Indentations formed in the sweep stem provide the spring clip with a locking surface. The adapter edge, sweep, and spring all act together to tightly lock the sweep to the shank.
The operator simply pushes the sweep on by hand to the first notch (audible click). As the resistance is increased (ground engagement), the sweep progressively wedges tighter. The mounting design minimizes lost sweeps and wear on adapter.
Utilizing the removal tool to depress the spring through the stem access opening and a tap with a hammer easily releases the sweep from the adapter and spring.
Perma-Loc sweeps have the advantage of using a Tru-Width™ sweep design for penetration, residue flow, and long life. The proven 47-degree sweep angle minimizes soil slabbing yet promotes soil movement. The narrow stem enhances excellent soil and residue flow.
Stem geometry ensures soil flow over the spring access opening, effectively separating and lifting flow to a point higher on the shank. The force of soil flow is reduced on the shank, improving shank life.
Components of the Perma-Loc system
The removal tool is an option when ordering Perma-Loc on field cultivators. Ordering the proper quantity of sweeps now includes all necessary hardware, springs, and adapters.

The Perma-Loc system consists of the following:
  • Adapter
  • Spring
  • Hardware (except 960 Field Cultivators) 
  • Sweep
  • Removal tool (separate option code 9399 on field cultivators)
Perma-Loc adapter spring and clip

Perma-Loc adapter spring and clip

Perma-Loc adapter and spring clip features and benefits:
  • Precision nodular cast iron
  • Tapered profile provides a positive seat
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel spring
  • Three-coil wrap provides positive seat in one of several sweep steps
Perma-Loc adapter attaching hardware and removal tool
  • Perma-Loc removal tool and instructions are included when ordering Perma-Loc sweeps.
  • Hardware, adapters, and spring clips are included in sweeps for Perma-Loc sweep selection.
  • If individual adapters, spring clips, hardware, or removal tools are desired, order from Parts.

178-mm (7-in.) Perma-Loc sweep, adapter, and spring clip


229-mm (9-in.) Perma-Loc sweep, adapter, and spring clip


254-mm (10-in.) Perma-Loc sweep, adapter, and spring clip

Last Updated : 22-Sep-2021