S-tines available for select field cultivator configurations
S-tine standard

S-tine standard

S-tine standards produce vibrating action for thorough soil and chemical mixing.
  • 610-mm (24-in.) under-frame clearance for excellent residue flow on 114-mm (4.5-in.) spacing
  • 13-mm x 44-mm (1/2-in. x 1.75-in.) cross section ensures a consistent sweep depth in firmer soils, level seedbeds in all secondary conditions, thorough incorporation of chemicals, and durability for long life
  • Available on select 2230 Field Cultivator configurations

101.6-mm (4-in.) wide S-tine sweep and hardware


101.6-mm (4-in.) V-pattern S-tine sweep and hardware

Last Updated : 22-Sep-2021