Tru-Width™ sweeps
Tru-Width sweeps

Tru-Width sweeps

Sweeps for TruPosition™ standards can be overlapped for complete undercutting of the seedbed. The 178-mm through 229-mm (7-in. through 9-in.) sweeps are best for seedbed preparation, weed eradication, and chemical incorporation. All sweeps and shovels are made of 6-mm (0.25-in.) material and have a 47-degree angle.

Tru-Width sweeps have the following advantages over conventional sweeps:
  • Retain working width through life of the sweeps
  • Maintain a point for good penetration
  • More aggressive shank angle for lasting penetration
  • Crown is designed for added strength from shank to point
  1. All hardware (nuts, bolts, and washers) is included with the sweep or shovel selection.
  2. If additional hardware is desired, order from Parts.

178-mm (7-in.) Tru-Width sweep


229-mm (9-in.) Tru-Width sweep


254-mm (10-in.) Tru-Width sweep

Last Updated : 22-Sep-2021