TruSet™ compatibility kit available for competitive and older John Deere tractors
Adding the TruSet compatibility kit to the TruSet Tillage system enables operators of competitive tractors and older John Deere tractors to adjust their depth and pressure settings on the go from the cab.
With the TruSet compatibility kit, TruSet can be run on some GreenStar™ system ready tractors. Please see the chart below for more details.
Like the TruSet Tillage system, the compatibility kit will be available as a field-installed option that can be ordered with the 2230 Field Cultivators or through aftermarket parts. The compatibility kit includes an implement add-on valve and installation components.
Components that make up the TruSet compatibility kit include:
  • Implement add-on valve
  • In-cab selective control valve (SCV) lever for control of TruSet via the implement add-on valve
  • Controller to operate the implement add-on valve
  • Harnesses to connect the system (controller/valve/SCV switch)
  • Hoses to power the implement add-on valve from the tractor brackets and hardware
All model years of 2230LL and 2230FH can be retrofitted with TruSet. The following chart identifies the components needed to equip TruSet on a 2230 with a GreenStar ready tractor.
Tractor compatibility
  Compatibility Additional display required
9R Interim Tier 4 and Final Tier 4 (IT4 and FT4) TruSet ready No
8R (IT4 and FT4) TruSet ready No
7R (IT4 and FT4) TruSet ready No
9x30, 8x30 TruSet ready Yes
9x20, 9x00 * Compatibility kit Yes
8x20, 8x10, 8x00 * Compatibility kit Yes
7x20, 7x30 (IVT™ transmission and large frame only) TruSet ready Yes
7x20, 7x30 (small frame or non IVT) Compatibility kit Yes
6R (FT4)* TruSet ready No
6R (IT4) Compatibility kit No
Competitive tractors (GreenStar ready) Compatibility kit Yes
Unlisted John Deere tractors (GreenStar ready) Compatibility kit Yes
*Older models may require software update (and/or hardware).

NOTE: Software update may be required.

Reference the tractor and display compatibility page for additional information.

TruSet compatibility kit

NOTE: Compatible with 2230LL base codes.

TruSet compatibility kit

NOTE: Compatible with 2230FH base codes.
Last Updated : 22-Sep-2021