Vacuum gauges
Vacuum gauge of 0 to 30

Vacuum gauge of 0 to 30

Two mechanical vacuum gauges are available for planters equipped with vacuum seed meters.
The 0 gauge to 15 gauge (not shown) can be used for most crops. Corn, cotton, soybeans and sorghum are examples of crops planted between 12.7-cm and 38.1-cm (5-in. and 15-in.) of vacuum. The 0 gauge to 15 gauge is typically used when planting with a cell-type seed disk.
The 0 gauge to 30 gauge can be used with all seed disks and must be used with flat-type seed disks where vacuum levels are usually higher than 38.1-cm (15-in.) of water. 
For planters equipped with SeedStar™ system, sensors are available to display vacuum level in the SeedStar display.
Last Updated : 25-Sep-2018