Floating row cleaner with unit-mounted coulter
Floating row cleaner

Floating row cleaner

Row cleaners are an essential tool in maintaining planter performance in reduced tillage conditions. Row cleaners aid in clearing residue from the path of the row unit, ensuring proper row unit operation.

Row cleaners provide many agronomic benefits, including quicker soil warmup and germination, and reduced hairpinning of residue into the seed furrow. They can also provide a smoother ride for the gauge wheels, resulting in less row unit bounce and a more uniform seeding depth.

When paired with a unit-mounted coulter, the floating combo row cleaner offers the ultimate solution for managing tough residue and soil conditions. The row cleaner clears the way of debris, and the coulter penetrates tough soil, opening the furrow for the row unit opener blades. The floating ability of the row cleaner allows the unit to adapt to varying terrain independently of the row unit.
Front rank factory installation

Front rank factory installation

Rear rank factory installation

Rear rank factory installation

The floating row cleaner with unit-mounted coulter is now available as a factory-installed option on 1790 Split-Row Planters, greatly reducing planter set-up time. This option is not available for the 1790 24Row20 model.

Full factory installation of the option is available for the front rank rows. Two option codes are available:
  • Option 5375 unit-mounted coulter with 1.6-cm (0.63-in.) 25-flute blade and floating row cleaner
  • Option 5380 unit-mounted coulter with 1.8-cm (0.7-in.) 13-flute blade and floating row cleaner
When ordering either of these options, producers will receive a unit-mounted coulter and the floating row cleaner on front rank rows of the planter, and unit-mounted coulters without row cleaners on the rear rank rows of the planter.

Floating row cleaners are also available for rear ranks rows by ordering code 9421. However, the row cleaner is only partially installed. The rear bracket of the row cleaner will be installed behind the unit mounted coulter. The remaining parts will ship with the planter and will require installation by the dealer. This option will require that either 5375 or 5380 above be ordered for the front rank rows.

Additionally, using floating row cleaners on rear rank rows requires that a double-crop package be ordered to provide for long parallel arms on rear rank row units following frame tires. This increases transport height by 17.8 cm (7 in.).

If frame-mounted single-disk fertilizer openers are used in conjunction with the floating row cleaner, long parallel arms are required on front rank row units. This option increases transport width of the machine by 35.6 cm (14 in.).

To assist with understanding the required parallel arm configuration when using floating row cleaners with unit-mounted coulters, consult the following table.

 Parallel arm option code

 Required when using

5400  Front rank floating row cleaners, without frame-mounted fertilizer openers
5405  Front rank floating row cleaners, with frame-mounted fertilizer openers
5410  Floating row cleaners on all rows, without frame-mounted fertilizer openers
5415  Floating row cleaners on all rows, with frame-mounted fertilizer openers
Floating row cleaner features
Floating row cleaner front view

Floating row cleaner front view

The floating row cleaner allows a row cleaner to be used in conjunction with a unit-mounted coulter. This combination is often desired in heavy residue loads and tough reduced tillage planting conditions.
The floating row cleaner features the SharkTooth® wheel. The beveled, sharpened edge of the teeth on the SharkTooth aggressively cuts flat and standing residue in the path of the row unit. The curved tooth design sweeps a clear path for the unit mounted coulter and opener blades, and resists residue buildup. When used with the unit mounted coulter, the wheels are run side-by-side. They may be operated with one wheel forward, if desired, by simply relocating the wheels to existing holes on the row cleaner bracket.
The bearings of the floating row cleaner are sealed and require no regular maintenance.
Cast aluminum depth gauge bands are standard equipment on the floating row cleaner. These durable bands are mounted directly to the row cleaner wheel, and aid the row cleaner in maintaining a consistent operating depth over varying terrain. The depth gauge bands also add weight to the row cleaner, aiding penetration in tough conditions.
The floating row cleaner is designed with maximum terrain following flexibility in mind. The pin adjustment has multiple settings available in 6.4-mm (1/4-in.) increments. The primary method of operating is to limit the maximum depth of operation, and allow the row cleaner to float up when necessary. This is accomplished by placing the adjustment pin below the floating bracket, limiting downward travel, but permitting upward travel. 
It is also possible to set the row unit in a manner allowing full float. Simply place the pin in the lowest setting, allowing the depth gauge bands to determine the operating depth up and down. In some conditions, it may be desirable to pin the unit in a fixed position. This may be accomplished by simply pinning through the floating arm, fixing the row cleaner arm to the row unit and allowing the row unit to control operating depth.
Operational notes
Use of row cleaners and unit-mounted coulters is not recommended when surface application pre-plant herbicide is used prior to planting. when using pre-plant incorporated herbicide, the row cleaner should be adjusted to minimize soil disturbance so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the incorporated herbicide.
Drive wheel chain shields are recommended for use with row cleaner attachments.
On 1790 Planters with regular parallel arms on the front rank of row units, there is a potential fold interference if row cleaners are locked up above the operating position, with the wheels out of the ground. There is no interference when row cleaners are set in the operating positions.
SharkTooth is a trademark of Yetter Manufacturing, Inc.
Last Updated : 25-Sep-2018