ComputerTrak™ 350 seed monitors
ComputerTrak 350

ComputerTrak 350

The ComputerTrak 350 monitors use electronic circuitry, radar distance measuring, and a large liquid crystal display to provide sophisticated monitoring with simple operation. Along with this, the ComputerTrak 350 can monitor up to 32 rows simultaneously.
The ComputerTrak 350 monitor solution is available as an optional feature for the following planter and drill models:
 Drawn planters  Integral planters Drills
1750 Planter Series 1700 Planter Series 455
1760 Planter Series 1710 Planter Series 1590
1760NT Planter Series 1720 8-Row and 12-Row Planters  
1770 Planter Series 1730 Planter Series  
1780 Planter Series
All other planter configurations will only have SeedStar™ 2 monitoring system available with no option for the ComputerTrak 350 monitoring system.
ComputerTrak 350 features include:
  • Liquid crystal display provides operator with information regarding the planter function
  • High/low warning alarm provides warning limits for seed population; this allows the operator to set the upper and lower population limits at which a warning is given
  • Monitors population by row scan, by individual row, or by the minimum/average/maximum features; the minimum/average/maximum feature alternately displays row number and data for the lowest and highest population and the average population
  • Displays seed spacing or population for all rows, showing the minimum/average/maximum for all rows
  • Radar distance measuring is base equipment; this can be field calibrated by the operator for improved accuracy
  • Ground speed of the planter can be displayed
  • Non-volatile memory allows the console to be disconnected from the battery and still retain the program
  • Built-in self-diagnostics check the continuity of all monitor sensor circuits upon power-up, providing up-and-ready display
  • Console is easy to program for special planting patterns such as skip rows, etc.
  • Monitor alarm can be turned off when multiple outside planting units indicate no seed flow, such as when using the half-width disconnect
  • Enables accumulating count of seeds planted by a single row for any distance
  • Allows measuring the total distance required to plant a desired quantity of seeds
  • A second acre counter, allowing two counters of area to be used
  • Split function allows two different planter configurations; this complements the 1790 for corn and soybean operations
  • Population adjustment allows a fudge factor to be used to adjust the displayed population for situations when the calculated population is not being correctly displayed
NOTE: ComputerTrak 350 monitors require a radar input. Radar is ordered separately from monitor.
In the event of a radar or radar input failure, the ComputerTrak 350 monitor has the capability to continue with the monitoring of seed flow. If a disk-failed message occurs on this monitor, a set speed, or known as speed-set mode, can be entered to allow continued operation until the radar or radar input error has been resolved.
When in speed-set mode, fast average, area, and speed readouts will not be available. Row-failed messages will occur when seed count drop below two seeds per second. High- and low-population warning messages are also deactivated in this mode.
Also while in speed-set mode, the monitor is going to show fluctuating populations because it assumes the machine is traveling at a constant speed, even though actual populations may remain accurate at slower and faster speeds. Displayed population will only be close to actual populations when actual ground speed matches set speed.
To enter speed-set mode, please follow the following steps:
  1. Hold the split on/off switch while turning monitor on. A full display screen will be displayed for a few seconds and then the row-failed screen will display.
  2. Release the split on/off switch and press the setup-select switch. The speed screen will be the first displayed. The speed will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the display.
  3. Use the digit select and 0-9 switches to enter expected planting speed.
  4. Press the scan switch to being monitoring of seed flow.
If power is lost to monitor for any reason, hold the split on/off switch for one second while powering monitor on to re-enter speed-set mode. Previously entered speed is stored in memory and will not have to be re-entered.
NOTE: The speed-set mode is deactivated each time monitor is powered off.

ComputerTrak 350 - 4 Rows through 32 Rows

Last Updated : 20-Mar-2023