Axle, MFWD with Triple-Link Suspension (TLS™)
6030 Premium Series Tractor shown

6030 Premium Series Tractor shown

The automotive-type exclusive John Deere Triple-Link Suspension (TLS) greatly improves operator comfort while increasing productivity in field, loader, and transport operations.  It also increases traction and puts more power to the ground.
The improved TLS is equipped with three modes that can be selected through the CommandCenterTM.
  • Automatic mode - Provides maximum possible comfort and controllability by adjusting to the ground terrain and using as much of the suspension travel as possible without running into the steering rod stops.
  • Maximum mode - Provides very stiff suspension which is useful in tasks such as front loader work.  This mode solves the request to be able to switch the suspension on and off for different applications.
  • Manual mode - Provides the operator the ability to manually raise or lower the tractor front end, making it easier to attach front and rear implements or adjust ground clearance.  However, manual mode is only for slow travel and should not be used when tractor speed exceeds 3.1 mph (5 km/h).  If exceeded it will default back to the previous mode.
TLS includes:
  • A self-leveling system with +/- 2 inches of suspension stroke under any axle load condition
  • Permanent engagement of axle suspension with automatic adjustment of the sensitivity of the suspension rate to the actual axle load (from heavy rear-mounted implement to heavy front loader work).
These options are not compatible with TLS:
  • Front auxiliary drive - Not compatible due to the support structure of the TLS axle
  • 13.6-38-in., R2 front tires - Not compatible due to the axle design and the size of the tires.
John Deere TLS is not only for optimized suspension, it also has a long draft member that:
  • Optimizes draft performance by synchronizing with hitch sensing
  • Compensates for power hop under heavy pull conditions
Triple-Link Suspension

Triple-Link Suspension

Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders control vertical movement of the axle, while a draft member controls longitudinal movement, and an improved, thicker pan-hard rod with maintenance-free bushings guides the axle laterally. The result is unrivaled suspension quality for higher field performance and a smoother ride – both in the field and on the road.
  • Faster road transport speed with trailed or mounted implement
  • Greatly improves traction due to a more stable relationship of tires to surface
  • Incorporates a full-frame concept as the foundation of efficient tractor front-end suspension
  • Provides hillside operation with 11 degrees of oscillation through the use of two long-stroke cylinders
  • Provides protection of mounted equipment (front loaders, rear implements) due to the functional shock-absorbing concept
Optional Equipment On : 6030 Premium Series Tractors and 7030 Premium Series Tractors
Last Updated : 24-Jun-2011