Discontinued - Attachments, front-hitch conversion to ground-engaging 5194-kg (11,450-lb) lift capacity
Conversion from carrier version 5194-kg (11,450-lb) lift capacity to ground-engaging 5194-kg (11,450-lb) lift capacity for 7R Series Tractors
Heavy-duty front hitch

Heavy-duty front hitch

Those who want more productivity out of the 7R Series Tractors with a carrier-version front hitch have the ability to add tillage and other ground-engaging implements with the front-hitch conversion kit. The heavy-duty front hitch is recommended for the most demanding applications. It is designed for extreme stress from pushing hard on tillage implements, very wide implements, severe shock loads, or other heavy-duty applications. Premium hitches are also well suited for mounting three-point blades.
Field-installed kit RE326580 provides a set of heavy-duty lower hitch links, a push bar, and push bar mounting bracket. This hitch is suitable for use under normal conditions including primary tillage equipment or lifting heavy implements. The ground-engaging version is designed for full clearance and does not limit the turning radius at any tread width setting.
The tractor frame includes the mounting points for the push bar, making field conversion possible. Link conversion is possible by removing two pins for each link. Install the push bar with four cap screws in the front, four in the mid-chassis, and tighten  two large jam nuts where the push bar attaches to the push bar bracket. There are no ground clearance trade-offs with the addition of the push bar and heavy-duty links. Both versions of the front hitch are entirely compatible with the front power take-off (PTO).
The conversion kit to ground-engaging front hitch adds 117 kg (260 lb) of additional weight to the tractor.

Discontinued - Front hitch - heavy-duty hitch conversion

NOTE: Converts codes 8407, 8408, and 8410 from carrier to ground engaging for 7R and model year 2020 7R (with updated cab) Tractors.
Last Updated : 06-Aug-2020